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Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012 09:00
Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012 17:30
On February 29th, 2012 the TABULA project team hosted an international expert workshop, with focus on "European Building Typologies".

The event took place in the framework of the "World Sustainable Energy Days 2012 (WSED)" in Wels, Austria. Main theme of the workshop was the energy performance of the European building stock. Methods for data collection and assessment, design of building typologies, building stock models and scenario calculations were presented and discussed.


Block I: The European Housing Stock - Overview and Typological Assessment

Oliver Rapf - Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) - Belgium
<media 501 - - "TEXT, 01 Oliver Rapf, 01_Oliver_Rapf.pdf, 13.8 MB">"European Buildings under the Microscope" </media>

Tobias Loga - Institute for Housing and Environment (IWU) - Germany
<media 502 _blank - "TEXT, 02 Tobias Loga, 02_Tobias_Loga.pdf, 14.8 MB">"National building typolgies: basis for energy consultancy and building stock
models - the TABULA project" </media>

Block II: TABULA Building Typologies in the respective National Context - Concepts and Application Fields

Elena Dascalaki - National Observatory of Athens (NOA) - Greece
<media 503 _blank - "TEXT, 03 Elena Dascalaki, 03_Elena_Dascalaki.pdf, 6.8 MB">"Building typologies as a tool for energy consultancy and housing stock
assessment – A case study for the Hellenic residential building stock"</media>

Short presentations from Poland, Ireland, Slovenia, Italy, Czech Republic
National Building Typologies development in the framework of the TABULA project - presentations by:

<media 504 _blank - "TEXT, 04 Malgorzata Popiolek, 04_Malgorzata_Popiolek.pdf, 4.4 MB">Malgorzata Popiołek - National Energy Conservation Agency (NAPE) - Poland</media>
<media 505 _blank - "TEXT, 05 Michael Hanratty, 05_Michael_Hanratty.pdf, 8.9 MB">Michael Hanratty - Energy Action - Ireland</media>
<media 506 _blank - "TEXT, 06 Marjana Sijanec, 06_Marjana_Sijanec.pdf, 7.7 MB">Marjana Sijanec Zavrl - Building and Civil Engineering Institute (ZRMK) - Slovenia</media>
<media 507 - - "TEXT, 07 Vincenzo Corrado, 07_Vincenzo_Corrado.pdf, 8.0 MB">Vincenzo Corrado - Politecnico di Torino (POLITO) / Department of Energetics - Italy</media>
<media 508 - - "TEXT, 08 Tomas Vimmr, 08_Tomas_Vimmr.pdf, 1.6 MB">Tomáš Vimmr - STU-K - Czech Republic </media>

Nele Renders - Flemish Institute of Technological Research (VITO) - Belgium
<media 509 _blank - "TEXT, 09 Nele Renders, 09_Nele_Renders.pdf, 2.4 MB">"Realistic saving potentials? The correlation of calculated and actual measured
energy use"
Block III: Methodical Challenges - Information about National Housing Stocks - EPC Database Analyses – Surveys

Manuel Casquiço - Agência para a Energia (ADENE) - Portugal
<media 510 _blank - "TEXT, 10 Manuel Casquico, 10_Manuel_Casquico.pdf, 4.9 MB">"Statistical information from the Portuguese EPC database"</media>

Maria Amtmann - Austrian Energy Agency (AEA) - Austria
<media 511 - - "TEXT, 11 Maria Amtmann, 11_Maria_Amtmann.pdf, 1.4 MB">"Definition of average buildings - Statistical information from the Austrian EPC database - use for the building stock model Austria" </media>

Kim B. Wittchen - Danish Building Research Institute (SBi) - Denmark
<media 512 - - "TEXT, 12 Kim Wittchen, 12_Kim_Wittchen.pdf, 2.3 MB">"Statistical information from the Danish EPC database - use for the building stock model Denmark" </media>

Nikolaus Diefenbach - Institute for Housing and Environment (IWU) - Germany
<media 513 _blank - "TEXT, 13 Nikolaus Diefenbach, 13_Nikolaus_Diefenbach.pdf, 1.8 MB">"Data collection in the framework of a house owner survey - input for the
building stock model Germany"</media>

Block IV: Modelling Refurbishment Processes / Scenario Calculations

Gordon Sutherland - Executive Agency for Competitiveness & Innovation (EACI) - European Commission
<media 514 - - "TEXT, 14 Gordon Sutherland, 14_Gordon_Sutherland.pdf, 2.9 MB">"EU Climate Protection Targets in the Building Sector – Policies and Measures" </media>

John Riley, Jack Hulme - Building Research Establishment (BRE) - United Kingdom
<media 515 - - "TEXT, 15 John Riley Jack Hulme, 15_John_Riley__Jack_Hulme.pdf, 1.5 MB">"Characterisation of dwellings in the UK - determining the potential for enhanced energy efficiency"</media>

Niko Heeren - ETH Zürich / Institut für Bau- und Infrastrukturmanagement - Switzerland
<media 516 - - "TEXT, 16 Niko Heeren, 16_Niko_Heeren.pdf, 1.8 MB">"Component-based building stock model for testing the targets of the Swiss 2000 Watt society" </media>

Lukas Kranzl - Technische Universität Wien - Austria
<media 517 _blank - "TEXT, 17 Lukas Kranzl, 17_Lukas_Kranzl.pdf, 1.7 MB">"Modelling the impact of energy policies in the building sector"</media>

Participants & Workshop Guide

Download: <media 499 - - "TEXT, tabula list-participants, tabula_list-participants.pdf, 62 KB">List of Participants (pdf) </media>

Download: <media 500 _blank - "TEXT, workshop guide tabula, workshop_guide_tabula.pdf, 1.3 MB">Workshop Guide (pdf)</media>


For further questions don't hesitate to contact us: tabula-event(at)

The organisation of the conference is part of the IEE-Project "TABULA". Further information of the project is available on the TABULA webpage.